Wonder world

Wonder worldthis is the name of the programme, which helps the children coming from kindergarten to get familiar with school at the beginning of the school year.
From September 2006 we carry out a school start, which is based on experiences and helps making relationships and orientation and connects to the kindergarten atmosphere. In the accustoming period there is a programme full of emotions, with which we would like to facilitate their adapting to school life and to get them known each other. There is a big emphasise on receiving experiences given by arts, working together with higher level students. Moreover we help first graders to integrate into school life with keeping contact with the kindergarten and the parents.
The staff attended several postgraduate courses in the topic of helping integration of young children. After the courses our teachers collected and worked out their ideas and professor Nagy Jenőné from Tessedik Sámuel College helped their work. The programme woke up the interest of the Ministry of Education and they encouraged us to continue.

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