Student Council

It was established in the school year 1995/96.
There was a need for an organization that represents students’ interest and enforces their rights. According to the educational law this organization may make a proposal in questions related to the school life and practices students’ rights mentioned in the school rules. At the head of the SC there is a committee which includes a representative from each class. A teacher helps the SC. On the monthly gatherings the students’ committee with the help of this teacher evaluates the work of the previous month and plans the tasks of the following period.
Every September this student group works out the schedule of SC based on the classes’ and the staff's proposals. At the compilation of this plan it is an important to preserve our school's traditions and to make such programmes that supply the students with valuable, useful and pleasant free time activities.
In September busy students with their teachers decorate the classes of their second home. From the school year 2003/04 on 29th September on Mihály’s Day we hold Vörösmarty Day, which is a great success among the youth. It is obvious because students can choose from a huge amount of interesting programmes, such as street fair, craft activity, exhibitions, competitions on culture and sport
In the afternoons of the last Friday of every second month we invite lower and upper graders into a craft activity. The creators of this are lower primary school teachers, who wait for the children enthusiastically, with diverse and interesting programmes. There are fascinating handicraft activities and sport facilities in these afternoons. Children can create presents and other objects connected to seasons and holidays. They may string, weave, stick, shear, fold, paint, draw, bake, even they may swap.
We organize a used paper collection in spring and autumn. It is significant for students to understand the importance of recycling as soon as possible.
In November in the frame of health care month a competition is held for all classes.
At the beginning of December there is an SC gathering where the students can listen to SC report about its work completed in the previous months and can ask questions and make requests to the SC and the leadership of the school. In December all students wait for Santa Claus to come both at school and at home. He arrives at our school where classes welcome him with songs and poems. For higher level students Santa-disco is held where they can get presents. Before winter holiday students perform a play for their parents. The performance of the music department and the drama group is always a great success.
In February lower and higher level students say goodbye to winter in a carnival. Here students put on very funny costumes, show a humorous programme, participate in competitions, listen to music and dance. Higher level students can take part in costume party and in a “What can you do?” show. There are a disco, buffet and raffle as well.
Every May the Day of Birds and Trees has been a hardly waited special event for many years. Many students draw pictures or write literature works for this event. Children can take part in theoretical and practical competitions, shows and they can admire birds and plants on exhibitions. They can buy little things and they can take their dogs for a beauty contest. The Honey Queen is crowned this day. We are glad that more and more people visit us from the member institutes and from other schools of the county to watch our exhibitions, listen to lectures and take part in contests.
In May on Mothers’ Day students greet their mothers and grandmothers with a moving play and the school ending performance of the music department has a capacity audience from year to year. At the end of May and at the beginning of June classes go on school trips to explore the beauty of our country in a few days
In the same month the Child and Youth Council of our town takes the most talented students to a one-day excursion as a price for their community work.
The last week of the school year passes in humour and happiness. On the SC day students can take part in outdoor programmes if the weather is fine. Competitions and presentations are held for children who play cheerfully as the school year is over. The last day of the school year belongs to the school leavers. They dressed in funny costumes and say good-bye to their school and the teachers with a happy and funny show and a teacher-student contest.
The Student Council and the teachers of our school feel the importance of this organization. It is joyful for us if the students feel happy at school and they can spend their free time in a useful and pleasant way. It is also very good that students can assert their rights at this age, they can interfere in decisions affecting their life and they can practise democracy. This possibly contributes to that as adults they will be able to make responsible decisions and will be able to express their rights in a civilized way.

Anita Gyömrei Vargáné