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In 1954 the school took on the children's music upbringing with forming its music department. Music is part of universal human culture. It expands its power so deep levels where words cannot. With real empathy it is able to turn a human soul into a rich noble-minded and sensitive to beauty personality. So it cannot be missed from the forming of the whole human. Music teaching cannot be replaced with anything else in the training of souls and emotions of the youth. It serves the students' spiritual life to get richer, lays down the foundations of their ethical, human attitude, connection to their homeland, their affection felt for it, so that they will be cultured and striving, useful and active citizens of the Hungary and the European community in the humanistic world.
Task of musical education is to start students on the way of understanding and loving music, leading to the correct sense of music and right value judgement. The real aim is to let the experience of the musical catharsis yield emotional renewal and balance in the listener. A long and consciously directed educational process leads to this.

Hungarian musical education is based on the concepts of Kodály Zoltán, Ádám Jenő and his students:

In the specialized music classes the aims and tasks of teaching music are basically equal with the aim and the task of classes based on general programme, but as a result of the higher number of lessons these can be accomplished on a higher level.The aim of this education is upbringing a music loving, music knowing, and concert visiting audience. It gives an opportunity to notice musical talents early and helps students to continue their musical studies in grammar schools specialized in music.Assuming: students reach a higher level in their musical studies. Their aesthetic, ethic and intellectual values get richer by this; their personalities turn into more entire and harmonic ones.


The children choir determines the town's cultural life.
The students of the department regularly perform on the concerts of Liszt Ferenc Art School in Orosháza, as soloists, strings and brass bands’ members.
The children's choir receives a major role from the realisation of the music department's educational tasks. All those abilities, furthermore the high level musical knowledge acquired by the students in music lessons, get to the audience through the choir's public performances. The choir demands students’ concentrated work and discipline. The responsibility of singing together and its great experience train the children to pay attention, concentrate and at the same time the common success increases joy for them. The requirement and the high level solution of tasks enrich their musical literacy; it incites them for regular work. The choir expands their musical knowledge, since in its programmes from Gregorian tones through the classics of the universal literature of music until the music of our days all tendencies can be found. The choir undertakes a performance with pleasure on main festival programmes - including charity evenings – on which they receive many invitations. Foreign country performances and rewarding the choir members with visiting performances in the Opera House are traditional. The Music Foundation provides the department with significant support in equipments, to participate in musical competitions, and to travel inside and outside the country.